About Elan

Elan Bongiorno, an accomplished celebrity make-up artist - founder of Enjoué Beauté, possesses a passion for cosmetics and making women look good and feel confident about facing the world. "All women love cosmetics, its and everyday essential, an instant lift," says Elan. "If you look good, you feel good, and that is empowering. Cosmetics to me are magical."

Elan began her career in New York City, the hot bed of fashion and beauty, working under some of makeup's true masters. She than began creating looks for runway, advertising campaigns, and a plethora of editorial pieces. Elan then moved to Los Angeles and signed with one of Tinseltown's best agencies. She quickly established herself as one of Hollywood's most sought after makeup artists. Elan continues to create gorgeous looks for some of Hollywood's A-list stars!

On an emotional level, she has set out to make women feel better about themselves. Elan is committed to helping women by getting involved with the community through domestic violence and awareness programs. "It's all about giving back," says Elan.
"That to me is the most beautiful thing we can do."

Experimenting with cosmetics continues to drive Elan. Now, she has decided to expand her talents and share her expertise and trade secrets with other artists and consumers by introducing her own brand of cosmetics. Elan is driven by her life long dream to create a positive experience for women every time she applies her makeup and looks in the mirror. She is inspired in her belief that cosmetics should be playful, easy and makes us feel more beautiful.

Elan creates cosmetics for the modern, chic and stylish women who are feminine and sexy, but also strong and confident. Her line is fashion forward and timeless. Elan's passion is for women to discover Enjoué, A Playful Sense of Beauty.

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